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What's New

Nightfall.city is a virtual city. I'm on main street. Being added was a pleasant surprise. I like these little Gemini communities. I like reading other people's Gemlogs and finding out what they're up to. The browsing experience of the Geminispace is so much more user-friendly than browsing the web. I could browse for hours. I encourage you to download a Gemini client and explore the space yourself.

Personally, I like the uniformity of presentation. It lends itself to a nondistracting, enjoyable experience. I like knowing I'm not going to encounter ads, tracking cookies or other garbage and I don't have to worry about client-side Javascript because Gemini doesn't support Javascript or cookies! I can focus on what's important: the content.

I also like the simplicity. I don't have to learn how to navigate every new Gemini capsule I visit because they're all the same. My brain doesn't have to get used to different stylesheets. It's just better. I'll probably do a post about Gemini in the future. Anyway, the web is a bloated mess. Long live Gemini!

Future Plans


1: nightfall.city

2: Site Update 012

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