Here I promote the ideas of others.

Important Note

I’m now working on removing this page. As I make journal entries about each of the links below, I will remove them from here.


A person or organization’s name listed on this page does not mean I endorse everything they’ve ever said or done. The same disclaimer goes for content on this page.


American Civil Liberties Union
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Extinction Rebellion
Free Software Foundation
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Future of Humanity Institute
Future of Life Institute
Open Privacy
Population Matters
Sunrise Movement
The Gravel Institute


Aaron Swartz
Alan Watts
Anthony Magnabosco
Bernie Sanders
Carl Jung
Christopher Hitchens
Drew Devault
Edward Snowden
Greta Thunberg
Hemant Mehta
Jon Matter
Julian Assange
Martin Luther King Jr.
Matt Dillahunty
Nick Bostrom
Richard Dawkins
Rob Braxman
Robert Miles
Sam Harris
The Hated One


Making Sense


The Atheist Experience


Autonomous Weapons
End Software Patents
Legalize Psychedelics
Use Plaintext Email
You Broke The Internet